With the busy bustle of life, it isn’t uncommon to sacrifice luxuries for a demanding job and a few side hustles.

This generation has glorified the idea of being busy so much that it has forgotten that rest is actually required for our body to function.

Thankfully, a new trend is emerging. If you check the hashtag #selfcare on social media, photos of men and women in yoga pants or spas will pop out. The youth is listening to their bodies and taking time for their general well-being.


When the going gets tough, turn off your phone and try one of these self-care tips:

1. Hike.

Be closer to nature. Mountaineering is one of the trendiest activities lately which means it’s much easier to find an organized trip to Mt. Pulag or Mt. Balagbag. The timeout from technology and the undiscovered trails will allow your mind to leave the stress behind.


2. Or go island-hopping

There is no shortage in beautiful islands to see in the Philippines, and some are just a few hours away. Uncommercialized islands transport you to different world compared to the concrete jungle we normally trudge on a day-to-day basis.

To sail away into the sea. (Riz Ponti)

To sail away into the sea. (Riz Ponti)

3. Take a stay-cation!

You don’t even have to travel far! There are a lot of affordable hotels that you can try like Hotel H2O, where the Catholic Social Media Awards were held last year. Round up the girls and spend a night sharing your future goals over good food and fluffy beds.


4. Visit a park or garden.

If a weekend trip is still not possible, head over to UP Diliman or the Ayala Triangle Gardens to feast your eyes on greenery. If you’re up to it, lace up those rubber shoes and join the joggers. Be mindful of your pace and forget about your thesis for an hour or so.



5. Cook

Some people find chopping, cooking and plating food very therapeutic. Even if you’re not Gordon Ramsay, you can find a recipe on Facebook or Youtube and try it at home.


6. Have brunch with friends.

If cooking really isn’t your strong suit, you can also visit a brunch place with your friends. As I’ve said, good food and pretty interiors is no-fail pair to keep your stress-ors at bay, even for just a few hours.



7. Indulge in a spa treatment.

Whether it be a massage, a facial or even just a foot treatment, a few hours in the spa might be just what you need to relieve your tensed muscles.


8. Take a long shower.

Go ahead. Wash off the long day. This will actually help you sleep better.



9. Go on a retreat.

Our Catholic schools had a reason for all those annual retreat and recollections. It helps us not only examine our spiritual well being but also provide a break as well.


10. Go to Church.

After all, isn’t God the only one who can bring us rest?


St. Mark and Infant Jesus Cathedral, Infanta, Quezon (Riz Ponti)

St. Mark and Infant Jesus Cathedral, Infanta, Quezon (Riz Ponti)


While naysayers say that #selfcare is just glorifying our worldly desires, I beg to disagree. Self-care is a preventive measure that keeps your body and mind in its top condition. It’s a form of reboot to ensure that we don’t crash and burn. After all, our body is also God’s temple. (Riz Ponti)


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