For some, the Catholic church can be considered as one of the most welcoming and free community that anyone can be a part of.


You get to have all these loving and supportive people to back you up and be your friends, be together in Christ. But for some, we worship and love God in our own way and may not be part, or actively partake in a group that would help us grow in our faith.


Some of us are still very much in love with Christ but doesn’t necessarily have a strong bond with other people in their community to establish a group. Which are you?



Last July 1, 2017, The Lord’s Flock, a catholic Charismatic Community held their sixth Singles and Youth Faith on Fire (SYFOF) Conference entitled Relentless. 15,000 youths came to Smart Araneta Coliseum to partake in the event. Most of the youth present came in groups from various communities and schools.


Thousands of gather at the Relentless: Singles & Youth Faith on Fire (SYFOF) 2017 event at the Smart Coliseum, July 1, 2017. (NATALIE QUIMLAT)

Thousands of gather at the Relentless: Singles & Youth Faith on Fire (SYFOF) 2017 event at the Smart Coliseum, July 1, 2017. (NATALIE QUIMLAT)


They came with friends and would, of course, be sure to enjoy the event with the comforting idea that even though there were tons of people present, they weren’t there alone.


But it’s a whole other story when you didn’t come with a group from your church or school. It’s very overwhelming and easily intimidating to be present among 15,000 youths and have them already establish a group of friends. And to top it off, make it your first time to attend such a big conference. You’ll feel rather shy and uncomfortable, right?


That would be the first thing to run on any first timers mind. Yet, as soon as the songs of worship came on, the atmosphere completely changed. There weren’t group A and group B, there was one big group: the Youth. People you don’t know were all smiles each time you made eye contact with them and everybody sang and danced around together.


The love of God and wanting to worship and praise him broke the barriers between the youth groups, making Araneta become one big group that was warm and felt like a single family. With talks about love, in general and love for God, the youth present were able to be more connected and become somehow closer.


At the end, if you’re a first timer and have no groups to be come with to such events, you won’t go home without gaining a few friends. Friends that love and worship God the same way you do. (Ira Taylo)


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