Poverty, is a family’s deathless enemy.


In one of the Youth Testimonials entitled “Nuggets” during the Relentless: Singles & Youth Faith on Fire (SYFOF) 2017 event last Saturday, Regina Uy bravely recounted how poverty cast a shadow of darkness in her life and how she found God in that darkness.


Regina Uy was once a victim of poverty. She lost every hope she had in her mind and heart both emotional and psychological, because of the challenges it brought to her and her family.


The situation she was in felt hopeless, but as impossible as it may seem – this darkness took her to the Light of God.. And to her, because of this experience, nothing is impossible — God is always present, even in the darkest times of your life.



Regina Uy, one of the Youth who gave her testimony at the Relentless: Singles & Youth Faith on Fire (SYFOF) 2017 event at the Smart Coliseum, July 1, 2017. NATALIE QUIMLAT


She even recounted 3 experiences in the past that made her realize God was always by her side:


In family complications…

When her parents fought in front of her because of money, it was impossible not to hold grudges. But God eventually made her understand and fully embrace the saying “blood is thicker than water.”

No matter how hateful her heart was, she learned to forgive them because as Regina Uy retold her story, family is what awaits all of us at the end of every day. And through her family, she knew God’s relentless love always waited for her.


In thinking everything is hopeless…

“When you trust Him, everything will be alright; everything will fall into its place,” she shared.

The young minister from the Lord Flock’s revealed her struggles and feelings of hopelessness in those times and how it paralyzed her, but still she went on with the flow of life only to realize that at the end we just need to have patience and trust Go’d plans.

“You just have to extend your patience. You may not notice it but God gives you signs that He is preparing something big for you,” she concluded.


In thinking killing yourself as a solution…

In her darkest hour, the moment before jumping off and ending her life, one voice made her stop. The voice of her little sister.

The simple voice brought her back to the moments worth living for. She thus concluded that God makes use of the people around us to say that killing yourself will never be a good solution. It’s not even a solution.

Family and friends represent God. It is His way of saying that it’s okay that you give up.


Everyone in the society is affected. The rich, the poor, even the unborn. As bad as it sounds, it could have been a little nicer if people only get hurt financially. But no, they also get hurt emotionally and mentally.


But the story of Regina proves our hopelessness wrong. So if you think that God is nowhere to be found, think again. (Kate Dolot)


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