Sibling relationship is very unique. We love them unconditionally but they are also one of the first people to get on our nerves. They’re the closest to us and they know all our deep dark secret but still they somehow tend to drift apart from us as years go by.



The fact that we grew up with them but face the inevitable that sooner or later they will have their own family and responsibilities should be enough of a wake-up call to stop being too childish and treat your siblings right, for once.

Here are some tips and gentle prodding to jump start you #OplanBeaKindSister/Brother for a day!


1. Treat them with TLC


Show them the TLC way! The tender, loving and care they need from a brother or sister like you! Give them a hug if they need, a text saying “Did you have your lunch already” or even ask them to go out with you and make some bonding – shopping for girls and gaming for boys! #Siblingsgoal


2. Don’t quarrel with them


“Patience is a virtue” as the saying goes. You really need to adjust more your level of patience, especially when dealing with your younger siblings. Be the one to understand them since you’ve probably been through what they’re problematizing at the moment. Be gracious enough to spare them of the teenage drama.


3. Be open to your ate and kuya


Be more open with your kuya or ate. With this, you can surely get sensible advice if you’re not that comfortable sharing it with your parents. They are more experienced than you do. But if you’re older than the rest of your siblings, make sure that you give good advice for them to follow.


4. Share what you have


Be generous enough with them. If you can treat your friends and classmates for a snack, why not treat your siblings with a food trip perhaps. You can lighten your parent’s load by shouldering your siblings ‘luho’ by taking them out to see the movies. Not only will you score points with your sibs and parents, you also get to spend your weekend having fun with them!


5. Be a role model


You don’t have to be perfect, that would intimidate your siblings. What you have to do is be good. Be true to yourself, be honest and kind. Seeing those traits coming from you, your siblings will unconsciously imitate it because we all know it, ates and kuyas are our own secret idols.


6. Show them support


Help them with their projects or join them in any of their school activities if your parents are not available. Give them inspiration and never discouragement.


7. Teach and learn from them


Teaching them and at the same time listening to them will surely build good communication between you and your siblings. Teach them how to survive their first heartbreak or their first college recitation. In return, ask them about the latest app and mobile games that you’re too busy to actually get into.


8. Be the best buddies!




Try to set goals with your siblings, spend time together. Go to your favorite chill bar once your sib is allowed. Show them the ropes and plan adventures with them. It’s always fun to hang out with your siblings since dares and uneding teasing will fill in the times you are together.

So what are you waiting for? Do the #Siblinggoals with your siblings and make more memories! (Amy Zafra)


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