Year after year, we create bucket lists, and more often than not, these bucket lists are left untouched. No matter the reasons, excuses, or the bouts of laziness, we should still strive to climb out of the pit that 2016 left us in.




Greet 2017 with the “new year, new me” attitude and aim to make this year yours by trying out these fun and fulfilling activities!

1. Do Yoga

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Whenever we think of exercise, we think of suffering, only because we consider it a punishment for eating a lot, an idea that you should smash this 2017.


Exercising is a way of treating your body, not inflicting unnecessary pain to it. So this year, bring out your yoga mats!


Visiting a yoga class doesn’t just make you more flexible, it doesn’t just fix your posture, and doesn’t just change you physically. Yoga can also turn your mental state around. A study from the American College of Medicine found out that doing yoga can heighten your motivation, lessen your anxiety, and improve your concentration in just eight whole weeks! It’s beginner-friendly and it relaxes not just your muscles, but your mind as well.


2. Try out Striptease Aerobics or Pole Dancing

Imagine yourself shimmying around a pole. Yeah? No? Well, you should!


Pole dancing and striptease aerobics aren’t just fads that come and go. They are new trends that give solid and stunning results, both physically and mentally.


These exercises doesn’t just teach you how to be sexy, it also teaches you to be strong. It strengthens your core muscles, improves your flexibility and endurance, and tones your body, just like other workout routines. Then what’s value adding about it? Empowerment.


Most people who try striptease aerobics and pole dancing are women – but men are more than welcome to join too! Women who do these kinds of workout see themselves in a new light.


3. Create some subversive cross-stitches

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It’s time to bring out grandma’s old biscuit can filled with stitching essentials!


Cross-stitching is easy and really, really fun to do. You get to finish mini projects after an hour and you can give out these projects as gifts or sell it online to make your hobby a business. It requires minimal effort, but a whole gallon of wittiness and creative juices.


Aside from being a practical hobby, crafting, such as cross stitching and knitting, can also serve as an art therapy. According to several scientific studies, crafting helps moderate your stress levels, it reduces the risk of depression, and reduces the effects of aging.


Here are some free patterns to get you started. No one’s ever too young or too old, so pick up the needles and start stitching!


4. Maintain your own bullet journal

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Want to combine your diary, your planner, and your to do list easily? Start your own bullet journal this 2017! The main point of the bullet journal is that you get to log your activities and personal musings in bullet points, instead of well-thought out prose. It’s a whole lot easier to do.


In bullet journaling, you can better keep track of your activities because you’re the one who will draw the pages! That’s right! It’s personalized based on who you are as a person.


Other than keeping your records, journaling has also been found to be therapeutic. The things that you write make you more aware of yourself, of the things that you do. Writing makes you feel more relaxed because it streamlines all your thoughts into one cohesive string. It also makes you feel more committed and can give off a sense of accomplishment whenever you finish your daily logs.


Here’s this handy internet guide to help us start!


5. Go up the stage!

Everything is going digital now, even art. Films are easier to access and (illegally) download. Music can be streamed anywhere and everywhere. Even museum artworks can be seen in front of your screens through virtual reality.


However, people still crave for that authentic feel of art. They still want to hear it live, see it live, and even act it out live – that’s why the theatre industry is still thriving. And the good thing is that you can join these stage play workshops and put your acting skills to the test.


Besides feeling the #art, theater is also a sure ball confidence builder! While it may be awkward in the beginning, you can still push yourself out of your cocoon.


Like all kinds of art, theater is also a form of self-expression. It is creativity. It is emotion. It is everything that you are. You can show your inner turmoils, your wants, even without speaking it out loud. Acting, singing, and dancing is a way of breaking free from yourself and breaking free is one of the things you should strive for this 2017!


Well, if you don’t want to act, maybe you can just catch our own Filipino stage plays and watch it with your friends and families!


6. Fight for your advocacy

2016 was a tough road to travel. It shook the world with tons of issues – the current administration’s War on Drugs, Trump’s victory, the rise of fake news online, racism, sexism, everything.


But these rough tides shouldn’t discourage us. It should inspire us all to be stronger and to be ready to fight for what we believe in. That is why it is important to be a part of a group or a community that adheres to the same principles and fights that you hold dear to your heart.


There are tons, and I mean tons, of advocacy groups and non-government organizations that you can volunteer for. There are those who fight to remove the stigma around sexually-transmitted diseases, or those who teach media literacy, or those who protect the environment in every way that they can.


Joining groups who have the same mindset as you do makes you feel more motivated. Other than the strong sense of community and support, you also fight for the things that you find relevant. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, you get to have more friends and you get to leave your mark in the world. You get to enact the change that you want.


And nothing’s better than making a change not just for yourself, but in the lives of several others as well. (Mikhaela Dimpas)


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