Because of the numerous advancements in technology, we can never live without our gadgets again. Most of our work is done using our laptops, we communicate through our mobile phones, and we play games on our tablets. These once complicated objects eventually became a significant part of our everyday life


As 2017 starts, let’s look back on this tiny bit of something that made last year interesting… and frustrating.



1. Lots of love for: new phones

A year will never be complete without new version of phone hitting the shelves. 2016 saw the release of Apple’s new generation of phone, the iPhone 7. Though many models were unveiled and made available to the public this year, nothing can beat the charisma that Apple has. Meanwhile, close rival Samsung also released Note 7, but…



2. Lots of hate for: the ‘booming’ Note 7

Note 7 will be remembered by everyone as one of the most unique phone releases ever made, not because of its stunning look and smooth interface, but because of its exploding problem. Phones do get hot and batteries overheat, but never did we encounter a thing like Note 7. Samsung needs to recover from this loss in 2017. But going back to iPhone 7…



3. Lots of hate for: iPhone 7’s missing jack

Everyone wants to listen to music on the go… but look at that! iPhone removed its headphone jack so we can enjoy their new wireless ear plugs. Back then, we only have the problem of forgetting our headphones at home. Now, we might lose the ear plugs completely. Just great.



4. Lots of love for: water resistant phones

 Water resistant phones might not be a big deal to us now, but it was 2016 that made them very prominent. In fact, almost all phone releases this year are water resistant. And we’re not talking about splashes of water. Instead we have phones that can be fully submerged in water. This is a monumental innovation in technology since in the previous years, only wristwatch is the globally available gadget that is resistant to water.



5. Lots of love for: transportation apps

In a country with crazy traffic like the Philippines, applications that make the everyday commute a lot easier are truly a good thing. This includes Waze, Uber, and Grab. Though these applications are not perfectly accurate and sometimes delayed, its help to all of us cannot be denied.



6. Lots of hate for: unnecessary app updates

Remember when Instagram put stories on the upper part of its homepage and changed it brown logo to a vibrant one? We were giving it too much hate once we first saw it, but we grew to love it gradually. But there are some updates made on other applications that we couldn’t just bear. Just like Messenger transforming into a discount Snapchat. It became complex and full of features that its main function – chatting – is greatly obscured.


As a new year starts, all of us are excited to see what brand new things will come in the field of technology. For sure, it will give us more intricate gadgets and lovable applications. We may not like all of them, but our 2017 won’t be complete without them. (Luke Godoy)


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