2016 is a big year for the Harry Potter universe. A new book came out, a stage play went sold out, the doors to a Wizarding World outside the U.K. opened, a new house sorting quiz was made available for Potterheads… and some magical creatures went loose in New York.


The latest look into the Wizarding World created by our beloved J.K. Rowling can be described in one phrase – pleasing to the eyes, but lacking something more.


It is a good enough as a standalone film about beasts and the American Wizarding World, and the only way it could be a successful franchise is to make the audience care about the characters. Was it successful? Yes, of course!




Like any other Potterhead, I was excited and giddy while sitting at the theater, watching the stream of trailers, counting down every second before the Warner Bros. Logo flashes.


Throughout the film, I was smiling from ear-to-ear, heart thumping with the musical score, and anticipating which beast will come out next. Every bit of the film is packed with action, magic, and a whole lot of mystery. The spectacle of colors and lights did not disappoint.


The design team did a very good job (someone deserves a raise) in breathing a life into the creatures in Rowling’s book. If you are in the cinema, you will surely say “I love magic.”



Eddie Redmayne was perfect. He is the perfect embodiment of the 1920s Newt Scamander. His looks and mannerisms are Newt Scamander in every way.




All the actors blended well with their characters. The most unforgettable character aside from our big man, Newt, is Jacob the muggle or what they call them in the U.S., No-Maj. That’s because what the Potter fans don’t want to admit is that Jacob reminds us most of our golden trio. Jacob is experiencing magic for the first time, and that is something familiar because that’s what Harry, Ron, and Hermione went through when they first entered Hogwarts.




As expected, Rowling has successfully brought her novel writing skills into the world of filmmaking, and the Harry Potter fandom is sure to have been reinvigorated. I can’t wait to watch this movie again and continuing analyzing it. (Charry Garcia)


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