Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States of America. He will be the first ever US president that never held any public office in the past. With this celebrated businessman finally setting his feet on the White House, various outbursts and protests emerged all throughout the United States and the whole world. Hours after Hillary Clinton conceded to Trump, demonstrations were initiated on different parts of America. Everyone is upset.


During his whole campaign, Trump has repeatedly showed how he put the election way over his head, and how he acted like everything is just a charade. But aside from his antics and peculiar hair, nothing troubled everyone more than his racist comments about Mexicans, Muslims, and even people of color. We all know of his plan to build a gigantic wall to keep illegal immigrants outside the country. Many found this laughable and impossible to carry out, while others like Pope Francis himself were alarmed by his idea. Because of Trump’s ideologies, his campaign rallies became dangerous and full of racist supporters. People of color were driven away by the crowd violently and Clinton supporters were treated as if criminals. Now that Trump won, will US experience an environment like this on a nationwide scale?


For many decades, Americans struggled with the color segregation. From the simple use of public amenities up to civil rights, white people always have the upper hand compared to black people. While this absurd law was abolished in the present, racism is still far from over. Many white Americans still look down on black Americans, and racial slurs are still common sayings today. Yes, the laws are gone, but the culture lingered on. With Trump’s upcoming presidency, many fear that racism will grow into a bigger and more dangerous topic, and America’s status quo will turn into a divided country once more just because of skin color.


And why are we even talking about this? America’s on the other side of the world. Even when they bicker there amongst themselves for years, we will never hear it. As much as we want to think this way, we simply couldn’t.


America’s influence all over the world cannot be denied. Its military actions, economic growth, and political power affect everyone in one way or another, especially on their most trusted allies like the Philippines. These are reasons viable enough if other people cannot accept that we are allowed to care for people in general even if they are thousands of miles away from us.


The POTUS might be the most influential, if not the most powerful man on the entire planet, and giving it to the most unlikely person definitely rattle each nation. Simply put, if America becomes chaotic, so does the rest of the world.


And now, our concerns as Filipinos must be discussed. At present, there are millions of Filipinos living in America, and sadly some of them are undocumented. America’s not a paradise, unlike what most of us might want to believe. These OFWs face a lot of challenges everyday as they make ends meet. And now with the victory Trump and his followers, not only the livelihood of our brothers and sisters are in danger, their lives and dignity are also being attacked by blind followers of the person who let the monstrous racism perpetrate strongly once more in the Land of the Free.


In fact, even with the prominence of Filipinos in majority of fields, Americans see our race as lowly maids who only know how to do menial chores. This issue was highlighted during the recent US elections when former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee tweeted this about Clinton’s Filipina maid, Marina Santos.


The governor made the remark after the rumors that orders Santos to print, and maybe even read her emails, even those labeled “secret” or “top secret.” Clinton and her emails is a major subject throughout her whole political life, but this particular tweet made people irate.
Recently, Filipino-American Connie Watson was pushed to her death by Melanie Liverpool. The event was horrifying in itself, but what caught the attention of many was the racist angle of the story. Liverpool was a black American while Watson is an immigrant. Now thing raises a few interesting topics, doesn’t it? With America under Trump’s control, will racism be rampant like it was in the past?


Now, American needs the rest of the world more than ever. Not in economy, money, power, politics, or anything. Let’s use the power of social media to open the eyes of the people. Let’s have a nice chat with our immigrant friends. Let’s contact our families in the United States. These simple gestures will make our Filipino neighbors in America feel that back home in the Philippines, we do not neglect their hardships abroad. Let us spread the love?


Do we want to make America great again? Why not make the ties of humankind stronger and more meaningful for the betterment of everyone?


Yes, here we have our own problems, but let’s not forget that aside from the millions of Filipinos here, there are also millions of Filipinos out there who are suffering, beaten, and ignored. Let’s reach out to the people whom we highly regard as the heroes of our new age.(Luke Godoy)





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