Taking public transportation can be a hassle for any commuter. Aside from the heavy traffic and discomfort, you can really be annoyed due to some unfavorable situations. We all experience trouble in jeepneys, buses, trains, or any other public utility vehicle.


But riding the jeepney probably takes the top spot for having the most ridiculous encounters during our commute, which is understandable considering that it’s one of the cheapest means of transportation around.


So suit up your cowboy hats and let’s take a look at some of the funniest, most infuriating experiences in jeepneys that we all can relate to (except, when you don’t take one, then welcome to the Pinoy Jeepney Experience!)



1. Isa pa sa kaliwa!”

While it is true that the a jeepney might have 9 or 12 passenger per side capacity, I wish the drivers or the barkers would consider that maybe sometimes, it’s just impossible to fit people depending on the circumstances. Why insist that there’s still space for one when the passengers are already hip to hip?


2. “Manong, yung sukli po sa bente!”

We all understand that drivers should focus on the road to avoid accident. However, it gets annoying sometimes that they forget to give the change. After paying 20-peso bill, you need to constantly remind him of your change or else, you won’t be getting those coins back.


3. When your ride instantly becomes a shampoo commercial

When a woman sits next to you and it all gets windy and her glorious hair gets blown to your face? You can whip your hair back and forth, girl, as long as it’s not on my face please, ‘cause guess what, it actually hurts!


4. When you’re not sure if the driver did not hear you say “Para po!”

You can blame it to the loud disco music the driver opted to play in the middle of the day or maybe the driver was deep in thought, but still, an extra block to walk under the scorching heat of the sun is definitely no fun!


5. Public Display of TOO MUCH AFFECTION, Don’t me!

Some passengers are just too insensitive. When you ride along with a group of friends, expect to hear all their stories and boisterous laugh. Also, if there’s a couple inside the jeepney, you will literally see how in love they are. Worse, if you’re single, the couple will remind you that you’re alone and got no hands to hold with! L



Photo Courtesy of humbadiaries.com

Photo Courtesy of humbadiaries.com


6. When you have to pretend to be seated

If you’re the last one who will ride the jeep, you have to accept the fact that there is little to no space for you. You have to endure the travel and try to squeeze yourself on the space provided for you.


7. “PAKI abot po yung bayad!”

Not everyone is cooperative enough when you’re paying for your fare. Not everyone will reach for your money and hand it to the driver. Some passengers will pretend to not hear you while others will force themselves to sleep.


8. “Late ka na? Pa-gas muna tayo!”

It might just be the universe conspiring against you, or the driver actually has a knack for knowing when the worst time to delay you with a gas refill is. But either way, the best solution is to actually try to go to your destination with enough time, that unnecessary delay like that will not automatically result to you getting scolded by your boss or professor.


9. When you’re not sure whether you’re off to your usual destination…or your final destination

It’s hard enough that you have to seat side-ways, often times elbow-to-ribs with other passengers, it gets harder when your driver decides that he’s some hotshot and tries to race other jeepneys around. It’s also scary every time they get close encounters with accidents because of their reckless driving.


Photo Courtesy of blogspot.com

Photo Courtesy of blogspot.com


10. When you have to unleash your inner superhero just to alight the jeepney

Most drivers will expect you to go down in the middle of a 6-lane road just because they couldn’t afford the time to drop you off at the side of the road. Worse, they actually expect you to jump out of a moving jeepney! Well, guess what mister, some passengers wear skirts or high heeled shoes! A little courtesy would be appreciated!


These are the realities we face in our daily commuting struggles. Since we know better, let’s take it upon ourselves to be prepared and fully-equipped to deal with these struggles every day and consider it a challenge and a little bit of adventure! Nothing beats a good mood, not even horrible jeepney experiences! (Anna Felicia Bajo)


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