As a student we say: ‘I can’t wait to start working and be an adult!”

As a young professional we say: ‘I miss the simple-less-hassle-free-life of a student’


Sound familiar? Most people go through this phase. I know I did.

Your teenage self wondered about the journey of adulthood many many times. It’s cause most teenagers have the notion that when you reach the age of young adults, you are granted with freedom to do everything that you want to do and that your life is already figured out.


You foresee the future as an exciting one, full of highs and lows and twists and turns. You want your life to be fun and bold. You want to be be an ‘adult’ — and sadly, some adults you look up to does not set a good example. (Those adults who conform to the worldly desires and unhealthy trends.)


With this kind of mentality, desire and environment, you get hyped up and try all those ‘adult-stuff’ you think you’re capable of. And so the endless attempt to get into trends start.


Being the ‘trendy’ kid is a social status that most young aim for. When you are a trendy, people admire you, you always seem to have this attractiveness and popularity. People want to stay close to you so you get invited to parties. Some even want to be like you.


A photo by Quentin Dr.


However, trends aren’t always right, and being trendy and feeling cool for it at a young age may lead you to become a lost adult…


It’s because of the fact that at a young age, to hold on to the title of being ‘trendy’ they’ll have the tendency to value how other people will look at them too much. sadly to a point where they try extreme ways to look mature in front of the public.


They conform to a ‘worldly’ standard, which can lead them to a cycle of worldliness that en-prisons them.


This I don’t get by the way: Why is it cool to these things that does not promote respect, maturity, development, responsibility, honesty, love… a world and life without values.. how do you even call it ‘cool’?!

Unfortunately in today’s standards: To look and feel cool, some indulge themselves in activities such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking, engaging in romantic relationships, parties every weekend, hanging out with alluring people, and trying other things that seem to be inappropriate at a young age.


These ways can lead to a problematic and deviant pathway, which is very much away from progress and self-development.


Which, we all know, is not cool…



Enjoy your youth. Don’t rush and push yourselves to be adults too early! Don’t conform to the negative trends around you just because everybody says it’s cool – because sometimes it’s okay to go against the flow. (Anna Felicia Bajo)


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