If you’ve always been a fan of arguably the most popular beverage in the world, it would be easy to think that you know everything about it. Well, chances are, you probably don’t.


In celebration of National Coffee Day, we took the liberty of rounding up 20 facts about coffee that might just blow your mind.


Go ahead; enjoy a cup of your favorite brew as you go through this list.

1. Light-roast coffee contains more caffeine than dark-roast because caffeine levels drop as the roast darkens.


2. Coffee wasn’t always consumed as a drink. Originally, coffee berries were mixed with fat by African tribes in ancients times to be eaten as energy boosters.


3. The oil that appears after roasting coffee indicates freshness.



4. Espresso can be literally translated to ‘when something is forced out’ in Italian


5. Cappuccino got its name because of the prepared drink’s resemblance to the robes of Capuchin monks.


6. Coffee stimulates the contractions of the stomach and intestinal tract, as well as bile excretion, which is why a fraction of people feel like having to go to the toiler after or even while drinking coffee.


7. Cold brew coffee – the product of steeping coarsely-ground coffee beans in cold or room temperature water for a lengthened period of time – is less acidic and naturally tastes sweeter.


wcd2brazil8. Brazil produces about 40% of the world’s coffee, making it the largest producer of the commodity.


9. Following oil, coffee is the most traded item across the globe.


10. The lifespan of a coffee plant is rather impressive – it can live up to two centuries!


11. Legend has it that coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd who noticed the inexplicably energetic behavior of goats that ate coffee berries.


wcd312. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to get Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.


13. Drinking coffee can increase your metabolism to about 3-11%, helping your body burn unwanted fat.


14. Coffee is packed with anti-oxidants that help fight harmful chemicals in the body called free radicals. Because of this, it lowers one’s risk of getting various diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Type II Diabetes, as well as other heart diseases.


15. The two main commercial types of coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica. Robusta contains more caffeine than Arabica



16. It is believed that classical music icon Ludwig Van Beethoven was very particular about coffee – he insisted that each cup of coffee should be made with exactly 60 coffee beans.


17. The first instant coffee was made in Guatemala in 1906 by Anglo-Belgian inventor George Washington.


18. The word “coffee” is coined from “qahwah” – an Arabic word which is thought to have meant “wine”.


A four month old Luwak is tempted by some red coffee beans at the BAS Coffee plantation January 20, 2011 in Tapaksiring, Bali, Indonesia. The Luwak coffee is known as the most expensive coffee in the world because of the way the beans are processed and the limited supply. The Luwak is an Asian palm civet, which looks like a cross between a cat and a ferret. The civet climbs the coffee trees to find the best berries, eats them, and eventually the coffee beans come out in its stools as a complete bean. Coffee farmers then harvest the civet droppings and take the beans to a processing plant. Luwak coffee is produced mainly on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago, and also in the Philippines.

19. Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee, which is primarily sourced from the droppings of asian palm civets.


20. Coffee contains more caffeine than your average energy drink. An 8.4-ounce serving of Red Bull has about 76-80mg of caffeine, while the same serving amount of coffee has about 95-200mg of caffeine. (Andy Flores)


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