Children of all ages flocked to the first LEGO Certified Store in southern Metro Manila last Saturday, September 10.


Located in Alabang Town Center, the newly-opened authorized shop of the world-famous colored bricks is comparably smaller than the flagship store, which can be found in Bonifacio Global City. But while it’s small in size, it’s big on fun!




Here are some fun things you’ll surely enjoy doing at the Lego Certified Store of the South:


1. LEGO-fy yourself!

Arguably the most exciting part about the LEGO Certified Store is that it gives you the chance to build customized Minifigures! Mix and match thousands and thousands of LEGO pieces (hair, head, torso, legs, accessories – you name it!) to create an entirely unique LEGO character or a Minifigurethat looks like you or someone dear to you.


A set of three DIY LEGO Minifigures costs P499.75.


2. Buy LEGOs by the gram

Need to update your LEGO pit or fill in missing pieces? Worry no more because the LEGO Certified Store has a Pick-A-Brick wall, from which you can choose loose LEGO bricks! For P679.75 per 100 grams, you can fill a cup with all the LEGO bricks and elements you need and want! Keep those pieces in the container when not in play, though, because nothing hurts more than stepping on LEGO brick.



3. Collect and trade Minifigures

You’re in for a cheap thrill when you buy a pack or two of a random LEGO Minifigure. If you didn’t get what you want, you can always trade with a fellow collector!



4. Give back

Help UNICEF build the first National Center for Disabled Children at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) by purchasing a LEGO Polybag which contains a themed set of bricks and elements. Each Polybag costs P100, which will be donated to the project in full. Think about it: You get to have your LEGOs for less and on top of that you also get to make a difference! That’s the best deal you can get in this store.





5. Have fun!

More than anything else, the LEGO Certified Store is all about having fun, and bringing back the child in you. So feel free to sit down with the kids, pick up some bricks, and let your imagination run wild like just like years ago. (Andy Flores)



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