The constellation of the strongest, mightiest and fiercest athletes in the world is set to happen soon. Who will shine the brightest? Who will have the most favorable fate?

The biggest and grandest sports competition in the world is once again set to take the spotlight on the planet in a few days. The much awaited Summer Olympic Games is bringing the fights in South America. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, famous for the statue of Christ the Redeemer, has been chosen to host the Olympiad which will feature the returns of the biggest names in the different sporting events such as NBA players in basketball and of course, the most bemedalled Olympian in the history, Michael Phelps.

But before the Olympic torch is lighted, let’s appreciate the forthcoming brawls as we take a look at some quick facts about the Rio Olympics by the numbers:



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It is the first time that Brazil will be hosting the Olympic Games since the competition began in 1896 in Athens, Greece. This is also the first time that the grandest sports competition will be held in South America. Rio de Janeiro, though, already served as the venue for big sporting events such as the FIFA World Cups. It hosted the most prestigious football derby in the world twice; the last time was in 2014.

It was on October 2, 2009, when the International Olympic Committee announced that Rio will be the chosen as the next venue for the Olympics in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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The upcoming Rio Olympic Games will be the 31st edition in the modern era of the summer games. Athens was the first to host the Olympics in 1896. It regained the hosting rights in 2004. In 2008, Beijing, China held the 29th Olympiad followed by London in 2012. London was the first city to host the Olympics thrice.




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A record-breaking number of participating nations is expected in the 2016 Rio Olympics. 206 countries will be parading their brightest and mightiest athletes in the two-week long event. In the last edition in London, 204 nations joined the Olympics, two countries shy of Rio’s.

The Powerhouse United States of America will be fielding in 554 athletes, the biggest contingent in the Games. Germany, Australia, and China will be unraveling, 422, 421 and 413 athletes, respectively. Host Brazil will be parading 465 competitors.



42 disciplines 1 - Photo from

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Thousands of athletes across the globe will be competing in 41 disciplines of the 28 sports. Rugby and Golf are added in the Olympic Games. Athletics and swimming remain to be the medal-rich events with 47 and 34 medals at stake, respectively.




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More than 300 gold medals are at stake in the 2016 Rio Olympics, 161 of which are events for men while 136 are for women. Nine gold medals are on deck for the mixed events.




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Around 10,000 athletes from different participating nations in the world will gather for the quadrennial sporting event. Some of the grandest stars that will be setting foot in Rio are tennis top-ranked Serena Williams, the fastest living man in the world, Usain Bolt, Chinese badminton superstar Lin Dan, and of course the most successful Olympian of all time, Phelps in swimming.





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More than 2,000 medals will be up for grabs in the competition. USA and China are once again poised to top the medal table at the end of the games. The United States collected a total of 103 medals, 46 of which were gold. China, the top performing country in 2008 Games, placed second with 88 medal haul.


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Around 30 places in Rio de Janeiro will serve as the competition venues of the Olympic Games. These places are scattered in four major points of the city namely: Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro, and Maracanã. Several football matches will be held outside the city.




Nissan Leaf taxi Rio de Janeiro


Aside from thousands of athletes and other delegates in the Olympic Games, tourists are also expected to flock to Rio de Janeiro to witness the greatness of the competitors during the events. To cope with the expected number of visitors, around 33,000 taxis are expected to be deployed during the games to serve as a means of transportation around the city.




10 Refugees - Photo from httpupliftconnect.comrefugee-olympics 

Even before the 31st Olympiad starts, a historic move has been recorded already as for the first time in the Olympic history; a team composed of 10 refugees from different parts of the world is formed by the IOC to become an official participating nation in the Games. Five of the ten chosen athletes are from South Sudan.




Photo courtesy of Ian Labiras' Instagram

Photo courtesy of Ian Labiras’ Instagram


The Philippines will only have a dozen of Filipino fighters to don the national tri colors in Brazil. These mighty athletes are hoping to end the 20-year medal drought of the country in the most prestigious sporting event in the world. In 2008, the Philippines fielded 15 athletes while paraded only 11 players in the succeeding Games.


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