In this internet-savvy generation, almost everything can be done online, even shopping. Online shopping has its own pros and cons and it’s really up to the buyers on how they will spend wisely via the internet.

Here are some tips on how to be a smart online shopper so that your money would not be put into waste.

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To avoid spending too much on unnecessary items, have a list of things that you need and plan to buy. Don’t get fooled by the shop’s promos and freebies. Sometimes, these are often used for customers to buy more items without thinking if they actually need those or not.



I know that you’ve been eyeing those cute white sneakers but you have to make sure first that the online shop is not bogus. Verify the shop’s contact information. Check its proof of transactions from previous buyers. In most cases, these are uploaded by the sellers. Don’t get easily attracted by the products and how they maintain their online shop. In most cases, advertisements with big SALE tags are used as bait for buyers.



You can check customers’ feedbacks about the shop. These customers can help you decide whether a product is worth a centavo from your wallet. Is it useful? Is it worth its price? Reviews can also help to verify if the shop is legitimate or not.



Before you put that item in the shopping cart, check your options. Maybe another online store has that bag that you love and it’s with a lesser price? Maybe that cute top is cheaper on virtual stores than online? Conduct a research when shopping online and save yourself from regrets.



Before buying an item, make sure that you read and understand the shipping policies set by the seller. Once your package encounters problems such as being lost or damaged, you exactly know how to handle the situation. It’s also good if you can track your package. Ask the seller the tracking number of the package, the date when it was sent, and monitor it.



Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the item that you wish to buy. It’s your right as a customer. For example, if it’s a skinny pants you want to buy, ask for the exact measurements. Don’t be fooled with what you see on pictures because in most cases, you don’t have the same body figure as the models they use. You could also check the warranty of an item. You’re truly a smart shopper if you’re guaranteed with warranties.

Before you click that buy button, consider these things so you’ll have a great online shopping experience. Maybe it’s time to change your ways, avoid putting everything in that shopping cart, and save yourself from shopping stress. (Anna Felicia Bajo)



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