Chito Miranda is officially our favorite hubby on Instagram. And while we savor the love story of our favorite vocalist, it is fitting to look back on their hit songs and jam along with our high school soundtrack whether it be about our budding crush, first love, friendship story or our first heartbreak.

  1. GITARA (2005)


Remember those guy classmates secluding themselves in the corner of the classroom every lunch break? You’ve probably heard too much of this song coming from them. Honestly, it’s a little annoying. But you’ve got to give them credit for singing it awfully well, despite their missing homework and rowdy personalities. Who knows, one of them might be abusing his vocal chords trying to send the message to you! Was he able to? 😉

2. HARANA (1997)


Another mainstay in your guy classmates jamming. Harana is probably the most famous PNE songs we grew up accustomed to listening. Harana speaks of the usual courtship that the modern youngsters seem to have forgotten these days (WAKE UP CALL, GIRLS DON’T LET THE COURTSHIP HAPPEN THROUGH TEXT!)  I’m not saying your guys should go down on one knee and strum his guitar singing love songs to you (plus point if he did), but let’s try to bring back a little bit of the creativity in our courtship activities, thank you very much.

3. HALAGA (1999)


Admit it, you had this song on repeat in your iPod classic (that huge thing, remember?) while longingly looking at your crush passing by the hallway during recess, right? We’ve all been through that phase.

‘Ang dami dami naman diyang iba’

Meaning you, right? Aww.

4. PANGARAP LANG KITA ft Happee Sy (2012)



This super chill song was sung alongside PULP queen, Happee Sy (wife to PULP LIVE owner, Vernon Go and the one you should all be thanking for all the Kpop concert goodness in the country).


You think the person you’ve been pining for is way to off high in the charts? Well, what if that person is secretly in love with you too? That’s one of the ‘what if’ risk you have to take courage for. The possibilities are endless!




As what Chito clarified in the video, gosh who would have thought we were wrong all this time? Sorry to all those radio requests we did back in High School and those autograph questionnaires we answered My One and Only You as our favorite song. Sorry na tao lang! 

Or you could just get your whole PNE collection, invite your long lost barkada and start jamming to all those songs that will definitely bring back memories! (Amy Zafra)



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