Movies can make us fall in love. It can make us scared. It will let us laugh. And of course, it will make us cry, and sometimes, a good cry is just what we need to get right back on our feet again. Here are some movies that you can watch again and again if you want to let go of the emotions that you feel.


You can go through these film alone or you can call your favorite barkada and share a box of tissue and lots of chips and go be better after!





The story of Noah and Allie stood the test of time. Though they encountered trials and they parted ways, at the end, they still have each other. In a nursing home, Allie was suffering from dementia and Noah never left her side. He told their love story, which was written in a notebook, to Allie, hoping that her memories will soon be back.


This movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ book can really make movie junkies weep. Their love story can make us realize that we should fight for what we want and love in our lives. Besides, it is our own decisions that will make us happy.




What if you wake up one day and the love of your life is nowhere but gone forever?


Gerry died and Holly’s life had fallen apart. She refused to accept that it was only her who will face what fate has to offer. Little did she knew that to help her move on and live life, Gerry had his own, simple ways of sending her words of love and encouragement to continue her life normally. He had arranged all these things before he died. He wanted Holly to continue her journey of life through these letters.


Some would say that these letters didn’t help Holly to move on since she’s still living in the shadows of Gerry. But for most ladies out there, it is such a sweet, meaningful gesture that sometimes, you have to look back and know what you had, value what you still have and face what is still in store for you.




A dog is truly man’s best friend.


If you are a dog lover, you will really cry and relate to this movie about a dog’s loyalty to his owner. One time, Parker left for work and the dog followed him. In the afternoon, the dog will go back to the train station and wait for Parker’s arrival. It has been a routine until Parker died. The dog didn’t understand the situation so he kept on returning back to the station to wait for Parker.




PK-13 [DF-01287] - Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (left) and Will Smith star in Columbia PicturesÕ drama The Pursuit of Happyness. Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal


His wife left him. He has no job. He lost his house. He has to make money for his son.


Chris experienced all those things, forcing him to live in the streets with his son, Christopher. Chris was determined to be a stock broker but he had to deal with life’s struggles in order to achieve it. It was his son who made him strong despite life’s challenges that came along their way.



the vow


When Paige lost her memory due to a car accident, Leo did everything to win her heart back. He wanted Paige to live normally as possible so she could easily recover. Unfortunately, Paige had a lot of questions in her mind, she had doubts if it’s still Leo whom she wants to spend her life with. She kept asking herself why Leo and her parents were not in good terms, why did she quit law school, and why she parted ways with her previous fiancée, Jeremy. It seemed that she wanted to answer these questions all by herself.


The character of Channing Tatum in this film will move every girl’s heart. He also knew when to sacrifice and when to walk away from the girl he loves dearly just to see her grow. Rachel McAdams, being helpless in this movie, will give you tears as she tried to know and understand the what ifs in her life.



starting over again


Not all love stories have happy endings. Marco and Ginny started their love affair in school wherein Ginny was one of Marco’s students. At first, Marco seemed to ignore Ginny’s feelings for her but later on fell in love. Everything seemed to be fine for them until Ginny lost her admiration and trust for Marco.


This was when Marco’s famous line enters, “I deserve an explanation, I deserve an acceptable reason!”


This story is all about acceptance and forgiveness. Sometimes we have to accept that some people will only play a chapter in our stories. More importantly, we have to forgive the people who hurt us. With that, we will move on from the past and start a better future ahead.



that thing called tadhana


Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman surely touched the lives of the viewers when they found love after dealing with their own heartbreaks and baggage of lives. A lot of people could easily relate to Mace’s moving on phase after her long-term relationship ended. Anthony, a complete stranger, was there for her, helping her to let go of the person who easily left her.






Sana ako na lang.. ako na lang ulit..


It’s impossible not to shed tears for this local favorite especially if you’re in the same situation as Basha. Sometimes, people really need to part ways in order for them to grow as mature individuals. In this film, Basha took the risk of fixing herself first before mending her broken relationship with Popoy. Popoy didn’t have the guts to accept this and things went harder for him as he also lost his job. He met Tricia and as he’s trying to fix his heart with a new found love, he crossed paths with Basha once more.



Get your tissues ready for these films that are all worth a cry! These movies will surely give you a roller coaster ride of emotions. (Anna Felicia J. Bajo)



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